Our company was born at a lunch table in East Brainerd on December 5, 2008! Amidst a lively discussion about the existing need for quality property management in the Chattanooga area, the idea formed and took on a life of its own.

With a combined total of over 30 years' property management experience at that time, we believed that we were both knowledgeable and capable enough of making a success of it.

We officially opened our doors, albeit under another brokerage initially, on December 18, 2008, with 25 units. As we've grown, we've learned as much as we ever thought we knew, and put all of that new knowledge into making Chattanooga Property Management the very best management company in the area (and beyond, with the launch of its sister company, Clemson Property Management, in Clemson, SC)!

With two dedicated and fully-committed owners heading up the staff, our approach is hands-on and entirely involved. We are in the trenches every day, working hard to produce satisfying results for all of our clients and customers. If ever a question or concern arises, either of us will be glad to help resolve it.....guaranteed.

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