Chattanooga HOA / Association Management

Professional management of condo or homeowners associations offers broad knowledge and expertise by licensed real-estate professionals. Full service management enhances the life-quality and accuracy of planning necessary to the association’s operation. We offer the following services as a package or ala carte:

  • Monthly financial statements and delinquency tracking
  • Property inspections and maintenance scheduling
  • Reserve planning
  • Bid and contract negotiation
  • Homeowner roster
  • Annual meeting preparation


  • Using proven accounting and database software ensures delivery of timely and accurate
  • financial reports including
  • Billing and collecting all association dues and delinquent reporting
  • Maintain individual account records
  • File and record liens
  • Establishing and maintaining bank accounts
  • Assist in preparing and maintaining a long-range financial plan
  • Assist in preparing the annual budget
  • Timely accounts payable
  • Provide all financial reports including bank reconciliation


  • Maintaining all association records ensures continuity and accuracy
  • With the Board and Committees assist in preparing the annual calendar
  • Maintain a current owner database of resident and non-resident addresses
  • Maintain a complete set of records of the affairs of the Association
  • Place and keep in force all forms of insurance needed to adequately insure the Association, and process claims
  • Provide advice on industry standard practices
  • Provide 24 hour 7 day a week emergency response
  • Provide live response to calls Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:00
  • Receive and verify the completeness of all plans and specifications for ARC
  • Manage clubhouse and/or pool schedule and reservations
  • Sell and/or distribute gate transmitters and pool keys


  • Protect the value and extend to life of association components through a comprehensive maintenance program.
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Scheduled property maintenance survey
  • Collect contractor W9 form and issue 1099’s
  • Schedule clubhouse housekeeping services and pool maintenance
  • Assisting with contract bidding and negotiation
  • Supervision and inspection of contract work to ensure industry standards are met and work complete before payment
  • Recommend a course of action with respect to maintenance items
  • Receive service request from owners and issue work orders
  • 24 hour on-call emergency service


  • Communication, a key to a successful organization:
  • Distribution of communications to owners
  • Receive all communications including phone calls, voice mail, email, and postal notices for the community
  • Community web page through Chattanooga PM
  • New member welcome packages as determined by the Board
  • New Board member orientation and training
  • Preparation of Board and member meeting packets, and provide proper notice for such meetings to appropriate persons
  • Attendance at Board meetings and annual member meeting
  • Organization and coordination of Board and member meetings (scheduling, facilitating, administering, etc.)